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As a solutions provider, our list of chemicals is always growing to meet both current and future customer’s needs. Some products we currently offer may not be listed below.

Search our chemical products by name, CAS #, chemical group, or common name. If there are additional chemicals your company is interested in, contact our office at (231) 733-2181 and one of our account managers will be happy to discuss your needs.

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ChemicalCAS #Common Names
Groups 1Groups 2Groups - 3SDS Request
N Methyl Pyrrolidone872-50-4NMP, N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone, N Methyl Pyrrolidone Hi PuritySolvents  SDS Request  
Neo Decanoic Acid, Prime Grade26896-20-8neodecanoic acidSurfactantsAcidsOther  SDS Request  
Nickel Carbonate3333-67-3Instant Nickel Carbonate 38%, Nickel Carbonate Paste, Nickel Carbonate 46% PasteDry ChemicalsMetals  SDS Request  
Nickel Chloride7718-54-9Nickel Chloride-6-Hydrate, Nickel Chloride Liquid, Nickel Chloride CrystalsDry ChemicalsMetals  SDS Request  
Nickel Nitrate 14%MIXTURENickel Nitrate Solution 14% NIInorganicsMetals  SDS Request  
Nickel Sulfate10101-97-0InorganicsMetals  SDS Request  
Nitric Acid 42 BE7697-37-2Nitric Acid 67%InorganicsAcids  SDS Request  
N-Methyl Diethanolamine203-312-7SS Selective Solvent, MDEASurfactantsEthanolamines  SDS Request  
NonylphenolMIXTURESolventsOther  SDS Request  
Nonylphenol EthoxylatesMIXTURESurfonic, Tergitol, Triton, Igepal, Alkasurf, Desonic, Armul, Trycol, Hostapal, Cedepal, Makon, Polystep, Macol, Iconol, Berol, Surfactant NP-10Surfactants  SDS Request  
NTA PowderDry Chemicals  SDS Request  

Webb Chemical is proud to partner with our suppliers to offer chemical products and solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s needs. We work hand in hand with both our customers and suppliers on product stewardship including handling, use, transportation, and disposal of chemical products.

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