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Employee Spotlight – Debbie

By October 7, 2015No Comments

The Webb team is our most valuable resource. Debbie is one of our fantastic team members. Learn more about Debbie below!

Purchasing Agent

Webb Employee For:
2 years

Favorite Part of Working at Webb:
The Webb family atmosphere!

Three Words that Describe Your Personality:
Dedicated, Passionate, Caring

Secret Talent or Interesting Fact:
I was on 2 TV shows: Puttin’ on the Hits & Funniest People with skits and lip sync routines.

I was also in the movie Rain Man as a blurred extra with my son and came face to face with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. My son was crying because he thought he was going “to” a movie and not going to be “in” a movie and Tom and Dustin consoled him.

I consider volunteerism a hobby! I am a board member at Muskegon Pregnancy Services, a liaison for Citizens for Traditional Values, and VP of Muskegon County Prayer Initiative.
Other hobbies include grandchildren time/activities, boating, dancing, and reading.

Place You Most Want to Visit:
My bucket list places are Italy, Ireland, and Israel