10/16/23 – Hydrochloric Acid Incident Update – 11:55AM

Chemical Spill On Site


At Webb Chemical, one of our goals is to provide a safe workplace for our employees and guests as we manage our day-to-day operations, as well as to maintain safe operations as we distribute our products. However, there are times when things go wrong and unfortunately we are experiencing such an event.


1.) As we respond, our goal is to ensure there is no negative effect on the health of anyone or to the environment.

2.) The incident began at approximately 11:00 AM.

3.) This event could best be described as a chemical spill.

4.) The chemical that was spilled is Hydrochloric Acid  Baume.

5.) In our facility, this product is stored in for packaging and distribution.

6.) In the consumer world, this is used in pool chemistry and concrete etching.

7.) The location where this event is underway is commonly known as Building 4, South East Corner of Property.

8.) The address is 2708 Jarman St., Muskegon Heights, MI 49444.

9.) The appropriate agencies were notified via 911, including the Muskegon County Hazardous Materials Response Team, Muskegon Heights Fire Department, the  Muskegon Fire Department, and the Muskegon Heights Police Department.

10.) Limited Evacuations are being conducted by the Muskegon Heights Fire Department, for further details please contact the fire department.

11.) The additional information we are sharing relates only to our employees and the people associated with our organization. We respectfully defer to the agencies involved to share information about other individuals or other aspects of this event.

12. ) We can confirm there are no known fatalities.

13.) We can confirm there are no known injuries.

14.) At this time everyone is accounted for.

15.) We are working with authorities and experts to determine the best way to respond to this incident.

16.) The response to this is a coordinated effort that includes our own emergency response team, the Muskegon Heights Fire Department, and Hazardous Materials response from Muskegon County.

17.) This situation has not caused any contamination to the ground at the site, has not caused any contamination to the ground off of the site, and was contained by a safety containment system on site.

18.) The event is being evaluated for possible off-site contamination of the air.

19.) The event has not caused any on-site contamination of water and has not caused any off-site contamination of water.

20.) At this time we have halted some operations.

21.) Employees on duty should avoid the area of the facility where this event is taking place.

22.) Activities normally occurring at the affected location will be relocated to building 3 until further notice.

23.) Individuals who are feeling ill at this time should seek immediate medical care.

24.) At this time crews are evaluating the situation and taking air samples.25.) Regarding the quantity of material involved, it is estimated to be 2000 gal.

26.) Employees not at work are being directed to report to work as scheduled.

27.) The cause of leak is undetermined but will be pursued via investigation.

28.) We will cooperate with all agencies in their investigations.

29.) We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

30.) We will do our best to promptly reschedule any projects that may have been delayed because of this event.

31. ) We would like to thank all of the people who responded from law enforcement and the fire department.

32. ) We would like to thank our employees for their professionalism in handling this event.

33.) We will conduct our own investigation to determine exactly what happened, why it happened, and how we can keep this from happening again.

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Since 1963, Webb Chemical Service Corporation has been delivering value for customers, co-workers, company, and community. We are dedicated to safetyquality products, and superior customer service. We are committed to the Guiding Principles of Responsible Distribution®.