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As a solutions provider, our list of chemicals is always growing to meet both current and future customer’s needs. Our chemical list below is not inclusive of every chemical we offer.

Search our chemical products by name, CAS #, chemical group, or common name. If there are additional chemicals your company is interested in, contact our office at 231-733-2181 and one of our account managers will be happy to discuss your needs.

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ChemicalCAS #Common Names Synonyms
1,4-Dioxane123-91-1Dioxane, Diethyelne dioxide, Dietheylene ether
2-Ethylhexyl Acetate103-09-32-EH Acetate
2,2-DIMETHOXYPROPANE77-76-9DMP, acetone dimethyl acetal
2,4 PENTANEDIONE123-54-6Acetylacetone, pentane 2,4-dione
Acetic Acid64-19-7Acetic Acid, Glacial, Acetic Acid 70%, Acedtic Acid 56%
Acetic Anhydride108-24-7
Acetone67-64-1propanone, dimethyl ketone, 2-propanone
Acetonitrile75-05-8ethyl nitrile, methyl cyanide, cyanomethane, ethanenitrile
Activated Carbon7440-44-0Activated Carbon
Alcohol Alkoxylates68551-13-3Surfonic, Plurafac, Poly-Tergent, Macol, Antarox, Tergitol
Alfo 16 AlcoholMIXTURE
Aluminum Chloride7446-70-0
Aluminum Chlorohydrate12042-91-0Aluminum Chlorhydrate Solution 50%, ACH
Aluminum Sulfate
Aluminum Sulfate IFMIXTUREaluminum sulfate iron free
Aluminum Sulfate Solution10043-01-3Alum, Liquid Alum
AMINOETHYLETHANOLAMINE111-41-1N-(2-Aminoethyl)ethanolamine, AEEA
Ammonium Bifluoride1341-49-7AMMONIUM BIFLUORIDE FLAKE
AMMONIUM BISULFITE 70%MIXTUREAmmonium Bisulfite 70%, ammonium bisulphite 70%
Ammonium Chloride12125-02-9
AMMONIUM LAURYL SULFATE 30%2235-54-3Stepanol AM, PriSulfate ALS - 30%
Ammonium Sulfate7783-20-2
Antarox BL 214
Antarox BL 225
Antarox BL 24068603-25-8
Aqua AmmoniaMIXTUREAmmonium Hydroxide, Aqua Ammonia 19.5%, Aqua Ammonia 29%
Aromatic Solvent 10064742-95-6Light Aromatic Solvent Naphtha, Atosol 100, Aromatic 100, WCS 100
Aromatic Solvent 15064742-94-5Heavy Aromatic Solvent Naphtha, Atosol 150, Aromatic 150, WCS 150
Aromatic Solvent 20064742-94-5Aromatic 200 Fluid
Ascorbic Acid50-81-7Sugar
Barium Carbonate513-77-9
Barium Chloride10361-37-2
Benzyl Alcohol100-51-6
Benzyl Butyl Phthalate85-68-7
Biosoft D-40MIXTURE
Biosoft D-62 LTMIXTURE
Bisphenol A80-05-74,4-Isopropylidenebisphenol
Block CoPolymers11/06/9003Pluronic, Surfonic, Poly-tergent, Antarox, Macol, Synperonic, Lumulse
Boric Acid11113-50-1
Boric Oxide133-86-2
Branched Alcohol Ethoxylates68154-97-2Surfonic, Rhodasurf, Desonic, Trycol, Synperonic, Makon, Macol, Iconol, Ethal, Genapol, Makon NF-12
Branched Chain Alcohols111-87-5ALFOL ?? 8 ALCOHOL, alfol 1214GC, alfol 8 alcohol
Butyl Acetate123-86-4butyl acetate ns, n-butyl acetate
Butyl Alcohol71-36-3n-Butyl Alcohol, butyl alcohol ns
Calcium CarbonatesSocal, calcium carbonate
Calcium Chloride Flakecalcium chloride flake, calcium chloride pellets
Calcium Chloride Liquid10043-52-4snow melt, calcium chloride 35% liquid, calcium chloride brinner grade
Calcium Hydroxide1305-62-0
Calcium Hypochlorite7778-54-3
Calcium Nitrate13477-34-4
Calcium Stearate1592-23-0
Calfax DB 45MIXTURECalfax
Calfoam TLS-40MIXTURECalfax
Calsuds CD-6MIXTURECalsuds
Calumet 360 Solvent64742-47-8Calumet 400 Solvent, Calumet 500 Solvent, Calumet
Calumet 600 Solvent64741-44-2Calumet 400 Solvent, Calumet 360 Solvent, Calumet 500 Solvent, Calumet
Calumet LVP-10064742-47-8LVP 100
Carbon Granular7440-44-0
Castor Oil #18001-79-4castor oil, #1 castor oil
Caustic Potash 45%1310-58-3Potassium Hydroxide 45%, KOH 45%, caustic potash 45%, caustic potash liquid
Caustic Potash Flake1310-58-3Potassium Hydroxide Flakes
Caustic Soda Beads1310-73-0Caustic Soda Pellets, Sodium Hydroxide Beads or Pellets
Caustic Soda Flake1310-73-2Caustic Soda Flake Low Salt
Caustic Soda MembraneMIXTURESodium Hydroxide 25%, Caustic, NaOH, Sodium Hydroxide 50%, sodium hydroxide 10%, caustic soday 10%, caustic soda 50% membrane, caustic soda 25% membrane, caustic soda 45% membrane, caustic soda 10% membrane
Caustic Soda Standard1310-73-2Sodium Hydroxide 25%, Caustic, NaOH, Sodium Hydroxide 50%, sodium hydroxide 10%, caustic soday 10%
Celatom 1200 P093763-70-3Diatomaceous Earth
Celatom CP093763-70-3Diatomaceous Earth
Celatom FPMIXTUREDiatomaceous Earth
Celatom FWMIXTUREDiatomaceous Earth
Celatom LCS61790-53-2diatomaceous earth
Celatom MN61790-53-2Diatomaceous Earth
Celatom MWMIXTUREDiatomaceous Earth
Celatom SPMIXTUREDiatomaceous Earth
Cellulose Based Filter Media (Eagle Picher - Pre Co Floc)Pre-co floc, CP, cellulose based filter media
Chromic Acid1333-82-0Chromic Acid Flakes
Citric Acid 50%77-92-9citric acid
Citric Acid Granular77-92-9Citric Acid Fine Granular, citric acid
Cobalt SulfateMIXTURECobalt Sulphate S20/700
Cocamidopropylamine Oxide68155-09-9
Cocoamide DEA68603-42-9Emcomide 121, Cocamide DEA 1:1
Cocoamidopropyl Betaine61789-40-0Jemsurf BET-C30, CAPB
Copper Carbonate12069-69-1
Copper Sulfate Crystal7758-99-8Copper Sulfate
Copper Sulfate Multi-MineralMIXTUREMultimineral CuSO4
Copper Sulfate Solution7758-98-7
Cream of Tartar868-14-4
Cyanuric Acid108-80-5
Cyclohexanone108-94-1Cyclohexyl Ketone, PimelicKetone, Ketohexamethylene
D-Limonene5989-27-5Orange Terpenes
DefoamersMIXTUREICM AF 10, Antifoam 10%, Antifoam 20%, Antifoam 30%, Antifoam
Defoamers67762-90-7AF, DF, 10% defoam, 20% defoam, 30% defoam, silicone defoamer, silicone emulsion, 10% Silicone Emulsion Defoamer
Denatured EthanolMIXTURESDA, 3-A, 3-B, ethyl alcohol
Denatured Ethyl Alcoholethanol
Diacetone Alcohol123-42-2DA Alcohol, DAA
Diammonia Phosphate7783-28-0DAP, diammonium phosphate
Dibasic EsterMIXTUREDBE, Dibasic Ester (DBE)
Dibutyl Phthalate84-74-2DBP
Diethanolamine111-42-2Diethanolamine LFG 85%, Diethanolamine Pure Solution 85%, Diethanolamine, LFG 85 (PM-1713), DEA 99%, DEA 85%
Diethylaminoethanol111-42-2Diethylethanolamine, DEAE, DEEA
Diethylene Glycol111-46-62,2'-oxybis ethanol, DEG
Diglycolamine929-06-6Diglycolamine Agent, DGA
Diisobutyl Ketone108-83-3DIBK
Diisodecyl Phthalate68515-49-1DIISODECYL PHTHALATE, diisodecyl phthalate-e
Diisononyl Phthalate28553-12-0DINP
Diisopropylamine110-97-4Diisopropanolamine 85%, DIPA
Dimethyl Carbonate616-38-6DMC
Dimethyl Phthalate131-11-3DMP
Dimethyl Terephthalate120-61-6
DIMETHYLETHANOLAMINE108-01-0DMEA, DMAE, Dimethylaminoethanol
Dipotassium Phosphate11/04/7758DKP 50%, Dibasic Potassium Phosphate, DKP
Dipotassium Phosphate 50%11/04/7758
Dipropylene Glycol25625-71-8DPG, propanol, oxybis
Disodium PhosphateDisodium Phosphate FCC
Dodecanedioic Acid693-23-2
Dodecyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (DDBSA)27176-87-0DDBSA, LABSA Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid, Pilot LPS-96, Elotant LS 200, Calsoft LAS-99, dodecyl benzene sulphonic acid
DowfrostMIXTUREdowfrost, dowtherm, HD, HTF, heat transfer fluid, supercool, intercool, dowfrost hd
DowthermMIXTUREHTF, supertherm, intertherm
EDTAMIXTURETrilon B Powder, EDTA 220 Powder, Trilon B, Versene 100, Dissolvine E-39, Tetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate, EDTA 40%, 40% Aqueous Solution of Tetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate (Na4EDTA), Na4EDTA
EEP Solvent763-69-9EEP, Ester EEP, Ethyl 3-Ethoxypropionate
Epoxidized Soybean Oil07/08/8013ESO
Epoxy Resin 82825068-38-6
Ethyl Acetate141-78-6ETAC, ethyl acetate high purity, ethyl acetate ns
ETHYL ALCOHOL 4084MIXTURECDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
ETHYL ALCOHOL 4085MIXTURECDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
ETHYL ALCOHOL CD-19, 200 PROOFMIXTURECDA 19-200, Denatured Alcohol
ETHYL ALCOHOL PM 41-190 PROOFMIXTURECDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
ETHYL ALCOHOL PM 509MIXTURECDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
ETHYL ALCOHOL SDA 23A 190 PROOFMIXTURECDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
ETHYL ALCOHOL SDA 2B3MIXTURECDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
ETHYL ALCOHOL SDA 35A 200 PROOFMIXTURECDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
ETHYL ALCOHOL SDA 3AMIXTURECDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
ETHYL ALCOHOL SDA 3C 190MIXTURECDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
ETHYL ALCOHOL SDA 3C-20067-14-5CDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
ETHYL ALCOHOL SDA 40-B64-17-5CDA, SDA, ethyl alcohol, denatured ethyl alcohol, 190, 200
Ethyl Lactate97-64-3Vertec Bio Ethyl Lactate, Ethyl-2-Hydroxypropanoate
Ethylene Glycol107-21-1ethylene glycol 30% with inhibitor, ethylene glycol 5% inhibited, ethylene glycol industrial grade
Ethylene Glycol DiacetateEGDA
Exxal 13
Exxal 868526-83-0
Exxsol D-11064742-47-8Exxsol D-110 Fluid
Exxsol D-8064742-47-8Exxsol, exxsol D80 fluid
Ferric Chloride7705-08-0Ferric, Ferric Chloride Solution, Ferric Chloride Anhy, Ferric Chloride Anhydrous
Ferric Sulfate7720-78-7FERRIC SULFATE 50% SOL/10% FE, ferric sulfate solution 50%
Ferrous Chloride7758-94-3
Ferrous Sulfate7720-78-7
Ferrous Sulfate Heptahydrate7782-63-0
Floor Dry91053-39-3
FlopamMIXTUREPolymer, Flopam EM 540 CT, Flopam EM 840 TBD, Flopam EM 533'
Fluoboric Acid16872-11-0
FORMALDEHYDE 36/1150-00-0Formaldehyde
FORMALDEHYDE 37/750-00-0Formaldehyde
Formic Acid 90%64-18-6
Fumed Silica112945-52-5Fumed Metal Oxide, Cab-O-Sil
Gluconate 60MIXTURESodium Gluconate 60%
Gluconic Acid 50%526-95-4
Glycerin56-81-5Glycerin 84%, Glycerin 99.7%, Glycerin 99.7% USP, Glyercine, Glycerin 99.7% tech grade, Glycerin tech grade
Glycol Ether DB112-34-5Butyl Carbitol, DB Solvent, Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
Glycol Ether DB Acetate124-17-4DB Acetate, Butyl Carbitol Acetate, Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether Acetate, glycol ether db acetate ns
Glycol Ether DE111-90-0
Glycol Ether DE Acetate112-15-2
Glycol Ether DM111-77-3Dietheylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether
Glycol Ether DPM34590-94-8Methyl Di-Proxitol, Arcosolv DPM, DPM
Glycol Ether DPM Acetate88917-22-0Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate
Glycol Ether DPnB29911-28-2Dipropylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
Glycol Ether DPnP29911-27-1Dipropylene Glycol Monopropyl Ether
Glycol Ether EB111-76-2Butyl Glycol Ether, Butyl Cellosolve, EB, glycol ether eb ns
Glycol Ether EB Acetate112-07-2EB Acetate, Butyl Glycol Acetate, Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether Acetate, GE EB Ac
Glycol Ether EM109-86-4
Glycol Ether EP2807-30-9Ethylene Glycol Monopropyl Ether
Glycol Ether EPH000122-99-6Ethylene Glycol Phenyl Ether
Glycol Ether PM107-98-2Methyl Proxitol, Arcosolv PM, PM
Glycol Ether PM Acetate108-65-6PM Acetate, Methyl Proxitol Acetate, glycol ether pm acetate ns
Glycol Ether PnBMIXTUREPropylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
Glycol Ether PnP1569-01-3
Glycol Ether TPM25498-49-1Methyl Triproxitol (TPM)
Harborlite 2000S130885-09-5harborlite
Harborlite 635130885-09-5harborlite
Heptane142-82-5heptanes, heptane ns
Hexane110-54-3hexanes, hexanes ns
Hexyl Cellosolve112-25-4Hexyl Cellosolve ª, Ethylene Glycol Monohexyl Ether
Hexylene Glycol107-41-52,4-dihydroxy-2-methylpentane
Hydrochloric Acid7647-01-0HCl 28%
Hydrofluoric Acid 49%7664-39-3HF
Hydrofluorosilicic Acid 23%16961-83-4HFS 23%
Hydrogen Peroxide7722-84-1hydrogen peroxide 34%, hydrogen peroxide 34% food grade, 34% food grade hydorgen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide 34.5%, hydrogen peroxide 34.5% food grade, hydrogen peroxide 35%, hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade, hydrogen peroxide 50%, hydrogen peroxide 27%
Hydroxyacetic Acid79-14-1Glycolic Acid 70%, Hydroxyacetic Acid 70%, glycolic acid
Hyflo Super Cel68855-54-9diatomaceous earth, filter aid
Isobutyl Acetate110-19-0Isobutyl Acetate NS
Isobutyl Alcohol78-83-1Isobutanol
Isobutyl Isobutyrate97-85-8IBIB
Isononanoic Acid3302-10-03,5,5-Trimethylhexanoic Acid
Isopropyl Acetate 99%108-21-4ISOPROPYL ACETATE 99%, isopropyl acetate 99% NS
Isopropyl Alcohol67-63-0Isopropanol, Secondary Propyl Alcohol, Dimethylcarbinol, isopropyl alcohol 99% USP K, Isopropyl alcohol ACS, Isopropyl Alcohol NS
Kasil 1 Potassium Silicate SolutionMIXTURE
Lacquer Thinners (Custom Blends)laquer thinner, paint thinner
Lactic Acid 88%50-21-5
Lactol Spirits 2300MIXTUREL.D. Naphtha, LD Naphtha
Lantern FuelMIXTURESolvent Blend 19338, camping fuel
Lauramine OxideMIXTURELO, Ammonyx LO
Lauric Acid143-07-7
Lime Slurry1305-62-0
Lime, Hydrated1305-62-0Ca(OH)2, lime hydrated
Lincol 8iMIXTUREReplacement for Exxal 8
Linear Alcohol EthoxylateSurfonic, Neodol, Tomadol, Alfonic, Genapol, Rhodasurf, Marlipal, Bio-soft, Trycol, Surfactant L 24-7
Linseed Oil8001-26-1Linseed Oil Dilulin, Linseed Oil Raw, Linseed Oil Boiled, Linseed Oil Dilulin
Lintech 6864742-54-7
Lionol 85-SMIXTURE
Mag Chem 40Magnesium Oxide
Magnesium Bisulfite Liquid 30%13774-25-9Hydrite MBS 7330 Solution
Magnesium Chloride HexahydrateMIXTUTE
Magnesium Hydroxide01309-42-8
Magnesium Stearate557-04-0
Magnesium Sulfate HeptahydrateMG sulfate tech
Maracell XE Powder
METHANE SULFONIC ACID 70%75-75-2Lutropur MSA-70%, MSA 70%
Methanol67-56-1Methyl Alchol, Carbinol, Wood Alcohol, Methanol NS
Methyl Acetate79-20-9PMEAC, MeAC
Methyl Amyl Ketone110-43-0MAK, Methyl Amyl Ketone
Methyl Ethyl Ketone78-93-3MEK
Methyl Isoamyl Ketone110-12-3MIAK
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone108-10-1MIBK
Methyl Propyl KetoneMPK
Methyl Soyate B-9967784-80-9Soy Methyl Ester
Methyl Tert Butyl Ether HP (MTBE)1634-04-4Methyl T-Butyl Ether High Purity, Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether, MTBE
Methylene Chloride75-09-2
MICA WG 325WG325 Mica
Mineral Seal Oil64742-45-7MSO
Mineral Spirits Odorless8052-41-3OMS, Soltrol 125 Isoparaffin
Mineral Spirits Quick Dry - 66/38052-41-3Napthol Spirits 66/3, mineral spirits quick dry-66/3, mineral spirits quick dry
Mineral Spirits Regular8052-41-3Nonexempt Mineral Spirits, Regular Mineral Spirits
Monoammonium PhosphateMAP TG
Monoethanolamine141-43-5MEA, MEoA, Monoethanolamine 99%, Monoethanolamine 85%, monoethanolamine LF
Monoisopropanolamine (MIPA)78-96-61-Aminopropanol-2-ol
Monosodium Phosphate7558-80-7Prayphos MSP TG GR, MSP, Monosodium Phosphate Anhydrous, monosodium phosphate granular, monosodium phosphate powder
N Methyl Pyrrolidone872-50-4NMP, N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone, N Methyl Pyrrolidone Hi Purity
N-Methyl Diethanolamine203-312-7SS Selective Solvent, MDEA
Neo Decanoic Acid, Prime Grade26896-20-8neodecanoic acid
Nickel Carbonate3333-67-3Instant Nickel Carbonate 38%, Nickel Carbonate Paste, Nickel Carbonate 46% Paste
Nickel Chloride7718-54-9Nickel Chloride-6-Hydrate, Nickel Chloride Liquid, Nickel Chloride Crystals
Nickel Nitrate 14%MIXTURENickel Nitrate Solution 14% NI
Nickel Sulfate10101-97-0
Nitric Acid 42 BE7697-37-2Nitric Acid 67%
Nonylphenol EthoxylatesMIXTURESurfonic, Tergitol, Triton, Igepal, Alkasurf, Desonic, Armul, Trycol, Hostapal, Cedepal, Makon, Polystep, Macol, Iconol, Berol, Surfactant NP-10
NTA Powder
Octyl Phenol Ethoxylate9036-19-5Lutensol, Surfonic, Triton, Igepal, Alkasurf, Desonic, Cedepal, Makon, Polystep, Macol, Iconol Trycol, Surfactant OP-10
Oleic Acid112-80-1
Oppanol (BASF)9003-27-4
Oxalic Acid
Parachlorobenzotrifluoride (PCBTF)98-56-6p-Chlorobenzotrifluoride, PCBTF
Perchloroethylene127-18-4PERCHLOROETHYLENE NS
Petroleum Ether64742-49-0PET Ether
Phosphoric Acid7664-38-2Phosphoric Acid 75%, Phosphoric Acid 80%, Phosphoric Acid 85%
Pine Oil09/03/8002
Poly Aluminum Chloride1327-41-9PAC, UltraPac
Polyethylene Glycol (PEGs)PEGs, Pogol, Polyglycol, Carbowax, Pluracol, Rhodasurf, Lumulse, PEG, polyethylene Glycol, PEG 200
Polymers (Anionic & Cationic)Anionic, Cationic, Polymer, Emulsion, Coagulant, Flocculant
Polysorbate9005-64-5Tween, T-Maz, Lonzest, Glycosperse, Lumisorb
Pool Shock 12.5%MIXTURELiquid Chlorinator, Pool Shock
Potassium Bicarbonate USP Granular
Potassium Caprylate764-71-6
Potassium Carbonate584-08-7Potassium Carbonate Dense, 47% K2CO3, potassium carbonate 47%, potassium carbonate ex fine AH, potassium carbonate liquid 47%, potassium carbonate extra fine AH
Potassium ChloridePotassium Chloride 99% KCl, Muriate of Potash (MOP) 62% White Fine (Untreated and Treated)
Potassium Citrate05/06/6100
Potassium Cocoate 4061789-30-8Cycloryl COSO40
Potassium Permanganate7722-64-7POTASSIUM PERMANGANATE 5% SOL
Potassium Sorbate24634-61-5Potassium (E,E)-hexa-2,4-dienoate,
2,4 Hexadienoic Acid Potassium Salt
PPG 200025322-69-4Jeffox, Carbowax
PPG 40025322-69-4Jeffox, Carbowax
Primary Amyl Acetate628-63-7Amyl Acetate
Propyl Acetate109-60-4n-Propyl Acetate
Propyl Alcohol71-23-8n-Propanol, 1-Propanol, Hydroxypropane, Ethyl Carbinol, Propylic alcohol, propyl alcohol ns
Propyl Parabin94-13-3
Propylene Carbonate108-32-7PC
Propylene Glycol57-55-6USP propylene glycol, Propylene glycol Food Grade, propylene glycol Kosher, propylene glycol Inhibited, propylene glycol Concentrate, propylene glycol Blends
Rochelle SaltsPotassium Sodium Tartrate
Salt (Various Grades)Hi Grade salt, Mix N Fine Fee salt, Solar salt, Hardi Cubes, Special Purity salt, Top-Flo, Hi Grade Evaporated salt
Sebacic Acid
Secondary Butyl Alcohol78-92-2SBA
Silicone DispersionsICM 2497 TW, Silicone
Silicone Fluid63148-62-9Silicone Fluid 350, Silicone Fluid 1000, Silicone Fluid 10000, Silicone Fluid 50000
Soda Ash497-19-8Sodium Carbonate, Carbonic Acid, disodium salt, Disodium Carbonate, Grade 100 Soda Ash, Soda Ash Light, Soda Ash Dense, Soda Ash Grade 50
Sodium Acetate AnhySodium Acetate Anhydrous
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate7758-16-9SAPP
Sodium Aluminate 38%11138-49-138% Sodium Aluminate Solution
Sodium Benzoate532-32-1
Sodium BicarbonateSODIUM BICARBONATE #1 TFF GRAD, sodium bicarbonate USP Grade 1
Sodium Bisulfate GlobularSodium Bisulfate Anhydrous Tech Grade
Sodium Bisulfite7631-90-5Sodium Acid Sulfite, Sodium Hydrogen Sulfite, Sodium metabisulphite, sodium bisulfite food grade, sodium bisulfite liquid 40%
Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose9004-32-4
Sodium Citrate04/03/6132Sodium Citrate Fine Granular
Sodium Erythorbate6381-77-7
Sodium Fluoride7681-49-4Sodium Fluoride Granular, Sodium Fluoride Coarse Crystal
Sodium Formate
Sodium Gluconate
Sodium Hexametaphosphate68915-31-1SHMP, Prayphos SHMP 449 TG GR, Sodium Polyphosphate, Hexaphos, Graham's Salt
Sodium Hypochlorite7681-52-9Bleach, Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%, sodium hypochlorite 12.5% tech, sodium hypochlorite 6%, sodium hypochlorite nsf, sodium hypochlorite regular
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 30% (SLES 30)MIXTURESodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 30%, Calfoam?? ES-303, SLES 30%, Jemcolate ES-2
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 60% (SLES 60)MIXTUREJemcolate SE-5, Sodium Alkyl Ether Sulfate, SLES 60%
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate151-21-3SLS 30%, Jemcolate A, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 30%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 28%, SLS 28%
Sodium Metasilicate AnhydrousMetso Beads 2048
Sodium Metasilicate PentahydrateSodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate
Sodium MethylateSodium Methoxide, Sodium Methylate 25%, Sodium Methylate 30%, SMO
Sodium Nitrate 40%7632-00-0
Sodium Nitrite7632-00-0sodium nitrite Granular, sodium nitrite Prill, sodium nitrite FF, sodium nitrite Free Flowing, sodium nitrite Liquor 40%, sodium nitrite Free Flowing Treated
Sodium Omadine 40%MIXTURE
Sodium Percarbonate15630-89-4Sodium Percarbonate Uncoated
Sodium Silicatesodium silicate 40, sodium silicate 40 clear NSF, sodium silicate D, sodium silicate K, sodium silicate N clear
Sodium Sulfide
Sodium Sulfite 14%7757-83-7
Sodium Thiosulfate7772-98-7Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate, large rice crystals, sodium thiosulfate 30% Liquid
Sodium Tripolyphosphate7758-29-4STPP TG Lite GR, Polypray LDA GR, sodium tripolyphosphate dense, sodium tripolyphosphate medium, sodium tripolyphosphate tglite, STPP TG Med GR, Polypray MDA GR, STPP TG Dense GR, Polypray STPP 195 TG
Sodium Xylene SulfonateMIXTURESXS-40
Solvent 14264742-88-7LPA 142, Solvent 142-66/3, Solvent 142
Solvent 170LPA-170 Solvent, Exxol D-80, Shellsol D-80
Solvent 36064742-47-8Calumet 300-360 <1%, Naphthol Spirits 66-3
Solvent Blends
Sorbitan Esters1338-39-2Span, S-Maz, Lonzest, Glycolmul, Emsorb, Lumisorb
Sorbitol 70/20
Stearic Acid57-11-4Stearic Acid FGK Triple Press Flakes
Sulfamic Acid Crystals
Sulfuric Acid7664-93-9Sulfuric Acid 66 DEG BE, Sulfuric Acid 25%, sulfuric Acid 40%, sulfuric acid, 50%, Sulfuric Acid 99%, Sulfuric Acid 99.3%, Oleum
Surfactant 17R2Surfonic POA 17R2, Pluronic 17R2, Antarox 17 R2, Surfactant 17 R2
Surfactant 17R411/06/9003Surfonic POA 17R4, Pluronic 17R4, Antarox 17 R4, Surfactant 17 R4
Tall Oil Fatty Acid 28%MIXTURETall Oil Fatty Acid, High Rosin Acids, TOFA
Tartaric Acid87-69-4L-Tartaric Acid
TEG EH Plasticizer94-28-0TEG-EH Plasticizer, Triethylene Glycol bis(2-ethylhexanoate
Tertiary Butyl Acetate540-88-5Tertiary Butyl Acetate, 1,1-Dimethyl acetate, Acetic Acid, 1,1-Dimethylethyl Ester, Tert Butyl Acetate NS, tert butyl acetate
Tetrahydrofuran109-99-9THF, TETRAHYDROFURAN-NS, tetrahydrofuran ns
Tetrapotassium PyrophosphateTKPP, Prayphos TKPP 600 TG GR, Tetrapotassium Diphosphate, Potassium Pyrophosphate
Texanol Ester Alcohol25265-77-42,2,4-Trimethyl-1,3-Pentanediol Monoisobutyrate, Texanol, Haltinol
Textile Spirits64741-84-0
Titanium Dioxide13463-67-7Rutile, TR Series
Tributyl Phosphate126-73-8
Tridecyl Alcohol68526-86-3Exxal 13 Alcohol, TDA
Triethanolamine102-71-6Triethanolamine-99 LFG 85%, Low freeze grade triethanolamine, Triethanolamine LFG, TEoA
Triethylene Glycol112-27-6TEG
Trisodium Phosphate10101-89-0Prayphos TSP 12 TG, TSP, TSP 12 Mol, Trisodium Phosphate Dodecahydrate Crystals
TXIB Plasticizer6846-50-0TXIB, Texanol Isobutyrate
UreaMIXTUREUrea 50% Solution, Urea Prilled, Urea Ag, Urea Industrial, Urea 50% Liquor
Urea Formaldehyde50-00-0
VM & P Naphtha64742-89-8Special Naphtholite 66/3, VM&P Naphtha
White Mineral Oil (350)Drakeol 35 Min Oil USP, PriOil 350-W White Mineral Oil USP, White Mineral Oil Kosher, White Mineral Oil USP Kosher
Windshield Washer Solvent67-56-1Windshield Wash
Zinc Oxide1314-13-2zinc oxide powder

Webb Chemical is proud to partner with our suppliers to offer chemical products and solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s needs. We work hand in hand with both our customers and suppliers on product stewardship including handling, use, transportation, and disposal of chemical products.

Safety, Quality Products, Superior Customer Service

Since 1963, Webb Chemical Service Corporation has been delivering value for customers, co-workers, company, and community. We are dedicated to safetyquality products, and superior customer service. We are committed to the Guiding Principles of Responsible Distribution®.