Customized Service Plans to Meet Your Business Needs

Webb Chemical is a solutions provider. We want to grow value for your business. Our company-wide commitment to superior customer service drives our daily efforts to improve the way we serve our customers. We want to spend time with you, get to know your specific needs, and customize a service plan to meet your business needs.

First Choice with Our Customers

Webb Chemical strives to be First Choice with our customers by providing services that meet and exceed your requirements. Our ability to provide a quick turnaround and response time comes in part from the following value added company assets and services:

Fleet of Equipment

  • We own, maintain, and inspect (including DOT inspections) a modern fleet of equipment including 35+ tankers, 16 delivering boxes, and 18 delivering tractors
  • Tanker fleet includes stainless steel, rubber-lined, insulated, and compartmented trucks
  • Tankers equipped with vent-back capabilities
  • Tractors equipped with pumps, compressed air, and nitrogen for chemical transfers and hose blown-down

Two Certified Truck Scales
Tanker Washout and Drying Facility
On-Site Vehicle Maintenance

fleet of equipment - tanker wash - maintenance

Additional Webb Services


Do you need to develop a blend or solve a problem in your process? Webb has the technical support and desire to help. We custom blend solvents tailored to your specific needs.

Our blending capabilities include:

  • Preparing both organic and inorganic blends
  • Preparing blends in drum, tote, and tank truck quantities
  • Preparing all blends by weight. We provide a Certificate of Composition with the weight of each component in the blend.


Providing superior customer service really does come down to the details. That is why Webb Chemical offers not only custom blending, but packaging in sizes specific to your business needs. In addition, Webb has the capabilities to provide DOT compliant labels specific to your company.

Our contract packaging and labeling services include:

  • Custom filling blends and other products in package sizes and weights specific to your needs
  • Packaging both organic and inorganic blends
  • Providing a SDS (safety data sheet) specific to each blend
  • DOT compliant labels that include your company name, barcode, and an exclusive product name


The team at Webb Chemical wants to partner with you to reduce your transactional activities and procurement costs. We want to help you maintain constant availability of chemicals that are critical to your process. What are some ways we make this happen?

Our inventory management services include:

  • Manual and electronic tank monitoring of bulk liquids (both on and off-site)
  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Automatic ordering
  • Inventory checks
  • Keep-full programs


We know you need uninterrupted service. Our ability to store a variety of bulk liquid chemicals at our Muskegon Heights location allows Webb to provide a fast turnaround time from order to delivery. Our 280,000 gallons of bulk liquid storage is one part of our commitment to providing you with superior customer service.

Our bulk liquid capacities include:

  • Storage for both organic and inorganic products
  • 18 tank indoor tank farm for temperature sensitive products
  • 13 tank outdoor tank farm for flammable liquids
  • Flexi-tanks for acute or long-term customer storage needs


Optimizing logistics and keeping costs low are critical to every business. Our 3,000 feet of rail spur allows Webb to receive and ship chemicals when and where you need them. Allow the Webb team to combine our rail capabilities and handling experience to meet your freight and inventory needs.

Our rail terminalization services include:

  • Receiving and trans-loading material from customer and supplier rail cars to Webb tankers or a 3rd party carrier of your choosing
  • Storing a rail car for you at our Muskegon Heights, MI location
  • Online rail car tracking system which provides real-time data to assist in total logistical support


Webb Chemical operates under a stringent quality control program for lot number control, Certificate of Analysis, and the picking and shipping process. We are certified as a Responsible Distributor. We are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Our secured warehousing capacities include:

  • Storage of your finished goods
  • Storage of raw materials needed for your process
  • 110,000 square feet of secured warehousing
  • Temperature controlled, flammable, and non-flammable chemical storage
  • Delivery of products to both you and your customers on a clean, certified Webb Chemical truck


Safety is at the core of our business and central to every service we perform. Webb Chemical has on-site regulatory and safety experts. Our team will work with you to review safety and environmental considerations for special projects.

Our safety and technical training services include:

  • Product safety and handling
  • Chemical delivery safety evaluation
  • Regulatory reference materials
  • Safety reference materials
  • Custom training
  • Industry contacts for safety, regulatory, and engineering needs

Safety, Quality Products, Superior Customer Service

Since 1963, Webb Chemical Service Corporation has been delivering value for customers, co-workers, company, and community. We are dedicated to safetyquality products, and superior customer service. We are committed to the Guiding Principles of Responsible Distribution®.