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As a solutions provider, our list of chemicals is always growing to meet both current and future customer’s needs. Some products we currently offer may not be listed below.

Search our chemical products by name, CAS #, chemical group, or common name. If there are additional chemicals your company is interested in, contact our office at (231) 733-2181 and one of our account managers will be happy to discuss your needs.

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ChemicalCAS #Common Names
Groups 1Groups 2Groups - 3SDS Request
Salt (Various Grades)Hi Grade salt, Mix N Fine Fee salt, Solar salt, Hardi Cubes, Special Purity salt, Top-Flo, Hi Grade Evaporated salt Dry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sebacic AcidDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Secondary Butyl Alcohol78-92-2SBASolventsAlcohols  SDS Request  
Silicone DispersionsICM 2497 TW, SiliconeSurfactantsSilicones  SDS Request  
Silicone Fluid63148-62-9Silicone Fluid 350, Silicone Fluid 1000, Silicone Fluid 10000, Silicone Fluid 50000OrganicSilicone  SDS Request  
Soda Ash497-19-8Sodium Carbonate, Carbonic Acid, disodium salt, Disodium Carbonate, Grade 100 Soda Ash, Soda Ash Light, Soda Ash Dense, Soda Ash Grade 50Dry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Acetate AnhySodium Acetate AnhydrousDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate7758-16-9SAPPDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Aluminate 38%11138-49-138% Sodium Aluminate SolutionInorganicBases  SDS Request  
Sodium Benzoate532-32-1Dry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium BicarbonateSODIUM BICARBONATE #1 TFF GRAD, sodium bicarbonate USP Grade 1Dry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Bisulfate GlobularSodium Bisulfate Anhydrous Tech GradeDry ChemicalsAcids  SDS Request  
Sodium Bisulfite7631-90-5Sodium Acid Sulfite, Sodium Hydrogen Sulfite, Sodium metabisulphite, sodium bisulfite food grade, sodium bisulfite liquid 40%InorganicsAcidsDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose9004-32-4Dry Chemical  SDS Request  
Sodium Citrate6132-04-3Sodium Citrate Fine GranularDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Erythorbate6381-77-7Dry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Fluoride7681-49-4Sodium Fluoride Granular, Sodium Fluoride Coarse CrystalDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium FormateDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium GluconateDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Hexametaphosphate68915-31-1SHMP, Prayphos SHMP 449 TG GR, Sodium Polyphosphate, Hexaphos, Graham's SaltDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Hypochlorite7681-52-9Bleach, Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%, sodium hypochlorite 12.5% tech, sodium hypochlorite 6%, sodium hypochlorite nsf, sodium hypochlorite regularInorganicsBases  SDS Request  
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 30% (SLES 30)MIXTURESodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 30%, Calfoam¨ ES-303, SLES 30%, Jemcolate ES-2Surfactants  SDS Request  
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 60% (SLES 60)MIXTUREJemcolate SE-5, Sodium Alkyl Ether Sulfate, SLES 60%Surfactants  SDS Request  
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate151-21-3SLS 30%, Jemcolate A, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 30%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 28%, SLS 28%Surfactants  SDS Request  
Sodium Metasilicate AnhydrousMetso Beads 2048Dry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Metasilicate PentahydrateSodium Metasilicate PentahydrateDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium MethylateSodium Methoxide, Sodium Methylate 25%, Sodium Methylate 30%, SMOSurfactants  SDS Request  
Sodium Nitrite7632-00-0sodium nitrite Granular, sodium nitrite Prill, sodium nitrite FF, sodium nitrite Free Flowing, sodium nitrite Liquor 40%, sodium nitrite Free Flowing TreatedDry ChemicalsInorganics  SDS Request  
Sodium Nitrate 40%7632-00-0Inorganic LiquidBases  SDS Request  
Sodium Omadine 40%MIXTUREInorganicsOther  SDS Request  
Sodium Percarbonate15630-89-4Sodium Percarbonate UncoatedDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Silicatesodium silicate 40, sodium silicate 40 clear NSF, sodium silicate D, sodium silicate K, sodium silicate N clearInorganicsOther  SDS Request  
Sodium SulfideDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Sulfite 14%7757-83-7InorganicsOther  SDS Request  
Sodium Thiosulfate7772-98-7Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate, large rice crystals, sodium thiosulfate 30% LiquidDry ChemicalsInorganics  SDS Request  
Sodium Tripolyphosphate7758-29-4STPP TG Lite GR, Polypray LDA GR, sodium tripolyphosphate dense, sodium tripolyphosphate medium, sodium tripolyphosphate tglite, STPP TG Med GR, Polypray MDA GR, STPP TG Dense GR, Polypray STPP 195 TGDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sodium Xylene SulfonateMIXTURESXS-40Surfactants  SDS Request  
Solvent 14264742-88-7LPA 142, Solvent 142-66/3, Solvent 142SolventsAliphatics-Aromatics  SDS Request  
Solvent 170LPA-170 Solvent, Exxol D-80, Shellsol D-80SolventsAliphatics-Aromatics  SDS Request  
Solvent 36064742-47-8Calumet 300-360 <1%, Naphthol Spirits 66-3SolventsAliphatics-Aromatics  SDS Request  
Solvent BlendsSolvents  SDS Request  
Sorbitan Esters1338-39-2Span, S-Maz, Lonzest, Glycolmul, Emsorb, LumisorbSurfactants  SDS Request  
Sorbitol 70/20SolventsOther  SDS Request  
Stearic Acid57-11-4Stearic Acid FGK Triple Press FlakesDry Chemicals  SDS Request  
Sulfamic Acid CrystalsDry ChemicalsAcids  SDS Request  
Sulfuric Acid7664-93-9Sulfuric Acid 66 DEG BE, Sulfuric Acid 25%, sulfuric Acid 40%, sulfuric acid, 50%, Sulfuric Acid 99%, Sulfuric Acid 99.3%, OleumInorganicsAcids  SDS Request  
Surfactant 17R2Surfonic POA 17R2, Pluronic 17R2, Antarox 17 R2, Surfactant 17 R2SurfactantsOther  SDS Request  
Surfactant 17R49003-11-6Surfonic POA 17R4, Pluronic 17R4, Antarox 17 R4, Surfactant 17 R4SurfactantsOther  SDS Request  

Webb Chemical is proud to partner with our suppliers to offer chemical products and solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s needs. We work hand in hand with both our customers and suppliers on product stewardship including handling, use, transportation, and disposal of chemical products.

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